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Great readers and those who love them
This is a community for girls who read-- maybe a little too much. We are girls who fit the description of "You Should Date an Illiterate Girl," by Charles Warnke (and of course, it's counter, "Date a Girl Who Reads," by Rosemarie Urquico). We suffer the trials and tribulations of someone who knows just a little too well how things are supposed to go. We understand fantasy and reality, but we ignore it once in a while.

Come share your wishes, experiences, sighs. Come gush freely about the boy or girl at work or school who reminds you so much of your favorite character so much you could melt into a puddle any second. Come tell us about the latest thing you read that made your whole world transform and left you dazed to find yourself back in your room, to people who understand and relate. Blur the lines of reality a little bit and lose yourself in literature.